I’m gonna shoot ’em down!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I’ve had enough of these cooing pesky creatures up in my roof!!! You know what? I’m gonna shoot them down, one by one, myself, with my own hands!!!


I have washed my clothes three times…THREE bloody TIMES…because some stupid bird kept shitting on them. The first time, I was retrieving the clothes from the clothesline and I saw some dribbles of greenish yellow stains on my hubby’s white shirt. I told myself, “Okay, it’s normal that pigeons shit on our clothes.” 

So, I took it in and washed it again before I hung it to dry. The second time I took it in yesterday, I saw some similar stains on the sleeves. I can’t believe that these stupid birds would shit on it again!

And so, I washed the shirt again, cursing the birds for having loose stools. 

This morning, it was drizzling and I quickly went to take the clothes in and what did I find???

SLIMY GREEN LIQUID…oozing down the shirt! The same exact white shirt I’d washed for the 3rd time!!!!




Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Once a very faint-hearted person, now a BRAVE woman. 

.   .   .

Yeah, that woman is ME 🙂


.   .   .

Because I actually combatted with a couple of slugs without shouting the whole house down and waking up the dead.


Photos by Marv Bondarowicz

Photos by Marv Bondarowicz

.   .   .

Okay, this is not really a big deal for people who has no fear of any slimy creatures but for someone like me, I think this is a HUGE breakthrough


Growing up as a farmer’s daughter and having a sister who’s crazy enough to put snakes on her head and giant millipede on her hand, I was practically a useless scaredy-cat of the family. I was afraid of the dark, afraid of heights, afraid of black stuffs, afraid of creepy crawlies etc. 


So, this morning, while I was merrily washing the water cress I bought last night to boil it into soup, I drenched the whole bundle of veg into the sink. As I plucked the leaves off the stems, I was thinking to myself, My, what lovely fresh water cress!”


Out of a sudden, a tiny movement caught from the corner of my eye. There was this big fat, black SLUG feasting on one of the leaves. Of course, my initial reaction was to fling the slug infested vege out of my hand and into the sink. I did, fling it out, precisely. But, I was unusually calm and recited an encouraging mantra in my head, “I am big and you are small. I won’t harm you and you go your way.” So, with that ounce of courage, I took a pair of chopstick and picked that slimy little thing up while it was squirming. Eeeuuuuww! And I ‘respectfully’ placed it into a plastic bag and hastily put it in the dustbin. Where else can I put it???


So, in the course of plucking and washing the cress, I found 3 more slugs and I disposed them the same way as the first fat slug. WITHOUT. ANY. SCREAMING. OR. SHOUTING.   *clap clap clap*

.    .    .

Okay, this is DEFINITELY not my usual behaviour. Normally? Normally, I just throw whatever the thing is with the caterpillar or worm and never return to the kitchen till someone comes home. Yeah, me = useless scaredy-cat…hehe! That is why I wanna salute Muks who actually harvests in her garden. 

.    .    .

Alright, I need to gloat over my victory for the rest of the day. MUAHAHAHA!



What can be worse

Saturday, October 25, 2008

…than getting stuck in the middle of a massive jam, with lousy music on the radio, an almost empty petrol tank and a FULL bladder!!!!


I almost couldn’t walk to the washroom!!!

Is it safe anymore?

Monday, October 20, 2008

Lately I have been having numerous breakouts on my face and clearly, I got annoyed looking at myself in the mirror every morning because they kept popping up. I tracked back to my lifestyle of late and found these; sleeping late, lots of coffee, less than 2L of H2O per day, fried food, spicy food etc.

Me and my zits!

Me and my zits!

Out of desperation, I tried to cut down on coffee and fried food. But I found out, it did not help much. Some told me that my body was trying to detox by itself and some said it could be the cleansers I used. Hmm…that increased my suspicions for a while. I have been cleansing and toning and moisturizing more religiously than I used to but it did not help much until it nagged me that the ingredients in these products may not be suitable for me. I have always heard of the harmful ingredients in cosmetic products and knew a little about it. But as I walked around the pharmacies and browsed at the range of products we have in the market today, how many brands of cosmetics are totally free of these ingredients?


Now, I’ve been reading about some of these ingredients which could be carcinogens, cancer-inducing substances. Some could cause other hazardous effects on other parts of our organs, i.e liver, kidneys, skin etc.


I’m sure by now, many people are aware of SLS (Sodium-Lauryl-Sulphate) and SLES (Sodium-Laureth-Sulphate). It is widely known that this substance is mainly used in shampoos and I could still see that some brands of cleansers still have this in their ingredients. Other than this, the most common ones are Propylene Glycol, Glycerin and fragrance (You can read more from here).

.    .    .

What I was surprised to read was that some ingredients which are now widely used and advertised in most Beauty Salons and branded cosmetics are also included in this list of harmful ingredients.  We can see these days that new breakthrough technologies for anti-aging, face-lifting, skin-brightening and so on are coming out like hot cakes for women to preserve their youth and beauty. I can’t say that I’m not one of them, but I do want to find out more on what exactly I slap onto my face each morning and night.

.    .    .

Anti-aging products and facials consist mostly of collagen and elastin (with heavy dosage too). What I found out was that collagen actually is not suitable for our skin and I read somewhere that most collagens are derived from animal skins and chicken feet! So, I don’t exactly know how hygienic these substances are but the sound of it makes me cringe.

.    .    .

I was quite surprised to find out that AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids) are also potentially harmful to our skin. I used to think that AHAs are really good for our skin to breathe and so on.


Well, I’m not saying that all products in the market are not suitable and should be banned for the ingredients they used. Instead, we should have an awareness on the things that is inside the bottles of our cosmetic products. Nowadays, unlike the days of our grandmothers and mothers, whereby a daily face wash was already enough, we think we need more ‘protection‘ from the sun, the dust, the environment. Therefore, before we give in to our own vanity, to make ourselves more beautiful and youthful, I just think that we should have less ignorance on the ‘goo’ that we slap onto our faces. 

.    .    .

Forget what the beauticians comment about how your acne-scarred face look like and how saggy your cheeks have grown or how dark or freckled your skin is. Before we give in to these degratory-remarks-so-that-they-can-earn-more-money situations, just take some time to learn more about the ingredients used in our cosmetic products. Who knows, it could save you from spending on something that eventually would harm you, am I not correct?

.    .    .

It is quite true that most beauty salons use  unlabelled bottles to store their cleansers, toners, moisturizers, serums and what-nots. How much do we know what is used on our faces? Are they the same products we buy from the counters after our facials? I don’t know. 


I have many friends who are beauticians themselves and I could say that some of them are able to convince me of their products and some, they just babbled on saying how effective and good the product is but when I asked about the harmful ingredients, they were unable to answer me. So, what do you think about that?

.    .    .

p.s. I still haven’t found any products totally free of harmful ingredients, so I still use whatever I have bought so far. *sigh!*


Blessed in every way

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tears flowed freely. Cries of anguish could be heard. Strong men broke down and grieved unabashedly. I could feel the pain and see the sorrow in everyone’s eyes as each of us took turns to pay our last respects. 

White roses on top of two little coffins. I saw your little bodies, charred and burnt beyond recognition. I could see the last struggle you gave before your last breath. It pained my heart so, to see you like this. So small, yet you had to face this kind of suffering.

To KQ and WH, with love from aunt and uncle. We will always love you and remember your smiling faces. You left this world, charred and broken. But your souls remained untainted and pure. As you return to heaven, you have brought the best of yourselves and left behind the best of yourselves too.

We all felt BLESSED in so many ways that God has arranged for us. We know what happened, always happened for the best. I accept this. For us who are still alive and well, we promise you, little ones, that we will cherish every moment we have and make the best of our lives, just like you did in your short time here on earth. You have completed your mission here despite the two years and seven years of your lives. Some take even their whole lifetime without finding the true meaning of life. Thank you for showing us our directions. 

Rest well, dear ones. Your family will miss you always.