I’m sorry I have to let you go

If those of you who had taken a peek at ‘Something to know about Blusher’, you would know that I have had my beloved for 22 years now.

As I turned 31 last Saturday, I made a silent vow that it is time.

So, I gathered all my courage, my strength and my emotional wits as I made this final decision.

While dusting my room yesterday, I lovingly picked him up and peered into his shabbiness. Sigh! He has certainly aged so much the past six years without me noticing, even though I have had him by my side every night.

He has accompanied me through my colourful childhood, my crazy teen age years and embraced me gently into adulthood.

I have cried with him, talked with him, confided in him, drooled onto him and wiped my tears on him. Now, just a shabby and frumpy looking piece of what the hubby called, ‘A Bag of Germs’, it is time that I let you go.

Good bye my dear. My heart is heavy but a woman’s got to do what a woman’s got to do. All I can say is that the hubby will be one HAPPY man after this. His greatest love-nemesis is finally extricated.



10 Responses to “I’m sorry I have to let you go”

  1. Muks Says:

    ARGGHHH!!! ARGGHHH!!! Don’t do it!!! ARRGHHH!!! ARGGHHHH!!!

    I’ve had my bunny for 26 years. His tail and nose had been loved off and reattached countless times. The only part of him with stuffing is his head. His fur is patchy and treadbare. He is known in my house as “The Thing”… But he’s real! He’s real to me and that’s all that matters.

    ARGHHH!!! I can’t believe you are getting rid of “The Thing”-equivalent. ARGGHH… *dramatic hysterical faint*

  2. Kay Kastum Says:

    Is that your bantal busuk?

  3. cindy Says:

    Don’t do it! Don’t do it! NOOOOOOOOOO~~~

    I have a bantal busuk too, and I’ve made sure that my bf knows if he marries me, he will have to endure my bantal busuk!

  4. anttyk Says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooo… Don’t do it!

  5. The Bad Guy Says:


    {Can not tahan…}
    hahaha…it’s gone….it’s GONE…WAHAHAHA…..

  6. atai Says:

    happy belated birthday…

    oh ya… maybe can lelong it at ebay… hahaha…

  7. blusher Says:

    Muks : MUKS!!! You okay there? Need any ointment? So, ‘The Thing’ is that discoloured yellow bunny at your blog eh? *grins* You make me feel that I’m SOOOO normal.

    Kay : erm…yup.

    Cindy : ooh…I have made a contract with the hubby as well, but he tries to ‘kill’ it at every opportunity. He’s just jealous bah.

    anttyk : No worries, he’s just banished from my room at the moment. That’s a brave 1st step so far. Now, he’s just sitting next to the piano in the living room. Hehe… I’m not that brave, you know. *winks*

    The Bad Guy : Dun laugh first. My precious is still around. You still have to endure it for a bit more. Hehehe.

    Atai : Ooh…good idea! *winks*

  8. blusher Says:

    Atai : Thanks for the b’day wishes.

  9. monica Says:


    your hubby is jealous i guess 😉

  10. bedroom designs Says:

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