I’m gonna shoot ’em down!

I’ve had enough of these cooing pesky creatures up in my roof!!! You know what? I’m gonna shoot them down, one by one, myself, with my own hands!!!


I have washed my clothes three times…THREE bloody TIMES…because some stupid bird kept shitting on them. The first time, I was retrieving the clothes from the clothesline and I saw some dribbles of greenish yellow stains on my hubby’s white shirt. I told myself, “Okay, it’s normal that pigeons shit on our clothes.”ย 

So, I took it in and washed it again before I hung it to dry. The second time I took it in yesterday, I saw some similar stains on the sleeves. I can’t believe that these stupid birds would shit on it again!

And so, I washed the shirt again, cursing the birds for having loose stools.ย 

This morning, it was drizzling and I quickly went to take the clothes in and what did I find???

SLIMY GREEN LIQUID…oozing down the shirt! The same exact white shirt I’d washed for the 3rd time!!!!




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12 Responses to “I’m gonna shoot ’em down!”

  1. atai Says:

    kesian them a bit la… heh heh… but seriously, i know how you feel. sometimes i feed my furkid dried dog food. my furkid sometimes leave some behind (maybe I gave too much).

    lately, it started to attract lots of little birds… they actually love the dried dog food and my gerger is more than happy to share it with them (she don’t chase them away).

    now the birds will come by every morning (after i leave for work), finish up gerger’s food and then hang around on the grilles… and sh1t all over. the worst was just 2 weeks back when the whole black grille turned white because of their sh1t. i kid you not… the grille had like over a hundred white spots… i think they had like a big party while we were away…

    now, they still come by and sh1t on clothes, etc… *sigh*

  2. Nick Phillips Says:

    Shoot the bloody buggers!!! Man, I’d be pissed too …

  3. DA Says:

    lols.. relax and unwind. SHOOT them! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. ae Says:

    Happy birthday dear friend! Many more happy returns.

  5. ethel Says:

    Yes, SHOOT them!! I’m pissed as well! :mrgreen:

  6. atai Says:

    how ru? long time no update over here…

  7. Gallivanter Says:

    Shitty birds

  8. rootietoot Says:

    You have my attention and I am laughing. I am going to link your blog on mine unless you tell me otherwise.

  9. ahYing Says:

    shoot em’ down, shoot ’em down, shoot ’em down… bang! bang! bang!
    All gone……. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. ethel Says:

    Ai? Never update this one oledi? I tried going to your other blog, but I cannot read. Permission denied. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  11. Brat Says:


  12. woodwale Says:

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